Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints for the Splash Paddy®

Here are some helpful hints to get the best use out of the Splash Paddy®

  1. The rule of thumb is,if your hands can stand the water temperature, so can the Splash Paddy®. It’s made of vinyl so don’t subject it to scalding hot water. For example, if you leave it in the sink while you are soaking something with very hot water it may lose its shape.
  2. The Splash Paddy® Original Classic Clear model, is translucent, so if you plan on leaving it in the standup position attached within in the sink, we recommend that you decorate it with a favorite sticker of something you really like. Or, you can easily remove the Splash Paddy® within seconds and stash it right behind the faucet where it is easily accessible for the next time or store it under your sink on a hook, whatever you like. You can also roll it over and latch it into a hiding position so that all you have to do is unlatch it and burp it into the standup position (see demonstration video at and it’s ready to go when you are. To roll it over into the hiding position, place your hand in between the sink wall and the Splash Paddy® panel with the back of your fingers placed in between the strap and the panel and against the tab on the bottom of the panel. With the back of your fingers, slightly push the bottom tab forward a little while rolling the top of the panel over with your other hand so you can meet the top aperture (hole) of the panel with the tab on the bottom of the Splash Paddy® panel and latch it tightly until you hear it snap together. (NOTE: If you choose to use the hiding position, please practice the roll over a few times before you use the Splash Paddy® so you know how it works.) Unlatch to use it again. After you unlatch it and it stands up, burp it by pushing inwards on the panel sides until you see the slight outward side-to-side dome shape form. This is what keeps the guard in the stand-up position. The Splash Paddy® material will soften with use.
  3. If you find your arms are rubbing against it while you are washing, move it further down into the sink until it is comfortable for you.

Care Instructions:

  1. The Splash Paddy® is not dishwasher safe. The best solution is to wash it with a computer screen cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Or, you can simply wash it with a mild dishwashing liquid and soft sponge and then dry it with a paper towel.
  2. In the standup position, you can see how the main panel is curved outward from side to side away from you. After some wear and tear, if the curvature seems somewhat flat, check to make sure the suction cups are pushed up into the locked position (smaller holes).
  3. Lastly, after a certain period of time, you might find it beneficial to take the strap and suction cups off of one side of the panel and attach them onto the other side. It gives new life to the Splash Paddy® and ensures a longer life.

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