Splash Paddy Wins Award at INPEX

Splash Paddy Wins Award INPEX

What a great feeling to win an international award and know that all your hard work is paying off. The more that people know about the Splash Paddy sink splash guards, the more people want one.

Wayne Jones, inventor of the Splash Paddy, and wife Elizabeth exhibited the unique splash guards for the sink at the 2016 INPEX Invention show in Monroeville, PA. They won an international award for the Splash Paddy. (shown here with Andrej Skrinjar and Howard Lim, Co-Chairmen of the International Judging Committee) Wayne said he is hoping to see Splash Paddy Wins Award INPEX in the headlines again in the near future. Splash Paddy is such a simple idea and they work great.

The invention made a splash on local radio and newspaper leading up to the show. The Splash Paddy is recognized by many as a unique and innovative product. This unique splash guard for the sink helps a person stay dry when using the sink.  It solves that age old problem of feeling soaked at the sink. Customers can buy the Splash Paddy products in their webshop at https://www.splashpaddy.com.

While the Splash Paddy was created to solve the problem of getting soaked at the sink, the product also solves the problem of excess water splashing behind the faucet as well.  It’s simply placed on the opposite side of the sink wall right under the faucet and therefore stops splashes from hitting the faucet and the wall behind the sink. If you have water behind faucet problems, go to the webshop and choose the Splash Paddy that fits your sink at https://www.splashpaddy.com. In addition, many owners of RVs buy the Splash Paddy for the sinks in their RV. RV sinks are somewhat shallow and cause splashes to hit the curtains and wall behind the sink. The Splash Paddy solves those problems. Once you have a Splash Paddy you will wonder how you ever got along without one. Thanks to all the customers who are enjoying the Splash Paddy. https://splashpaddy.com/splash-paddy-wins-award/

Splash Paddy Wins AwardSplash Paddy Wins AwardSplash Paddy Wins Award